Booth Associates

We need to know how our customers feel about our products, our services and our company itself. We need to know what they want and if we are giving it to them.

Customer Issues

The following situations are common to the customers of many organizations.

  • We need to know how our customers really feel about our company, our products and our services.
  • Our products are very good, but we just don’t attract new customers.
  • We know that our customers are not always pleased with the support service we provide, but we don’t know what to do to improve things.

Here is an example of how Booth Associates can help:

An Example of Finding What the Customer Really Wants

The following is an example of how Booth Associates can help your company save money and better satisfy your customers at the same time.

A small bank was feeling the pressure of competition from larger banks in the area. Their customer base had been slowly shrinking over the past several years as competing banks introduced new products and services. The bank had tried to keep up, adding 15 new ATM locations and keeping all of their branches open on Saturdays. Despite the additional services, the loss of customers was painful evidence that they were not giving their customers what they really wanted. A study of current, former, and potential customers showed what services were wanted and how great the demand was for them. For example, the study revealed that while customers liked the ATM’s, the need centered around having ATM’s at certain key locations and that four of the added ATM locations were unnecessary. It was also shown that the customers that most wanted Saturday banking hours were businesses located downtown and that it would be possible to close all branches on Saturday except for the downtown branch and still satisfy most of the customers. Perhaps the greatest discovery was the unanticipated demand for Internet banking. The bank found that by developing an Internet banking system, it could attract many more customers and it would ultimately be an extremely valuable investment. Through a scientific study of its customers, the bank was able to cut costs, provide better services, increase its customer base, and keep those customers satisfied and loyal.

How Booth Associates Can Help

If you recognize any of these or have other problems in your company, we can help you. We have helped many companies improve their bottom line, and we’ll do the same for you. Please see our list of services and contact us.