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A recent study, among workers from many types of organizations, indicates that the single, most important problem for those organizations is troubleshooting. When a problem arises in a company, those charged with finding a solution have no efficient, clearly-defined way of finding the source of the problem. Their company is thrown into chaos, and near-panic continues until the problem is finally found.

Troubleshooting is not restricted to manufacturing industries. Problems can arise in business processes such as invoice processing, time from order to shipment, and many others. Of course, huge losses occur daily from downtime in manufacturing companies.

Booth Associates has developed a solution for this situation. We can teach your staff to use a very efficient method of troubleshooting. The resulting, trained staff can then find the source of a problem efficiently--without taking false paths that just lead to more frustration. Booth Associates calls this methodology

The FACESM Method of Process Troubleshooting

The FACESM method is a systematic, thorough, and practical way to perform troubleshooting of your processes.

Two Ways We Can Help You

As Consultants

Booth Associates has worked hand-in-hand with workers in many different types of organizations. We can come on site at your facilities and help you to solve a problem that may have plagued you for a long time. We will work with your own staff to find the source of the problem. We will then help you set up a monitoring process that will help assure that you are not caught again by the same problem, and if the same problem does arise, you will be given as much advance notice as is possible.

As Trainers

Booth Associates has done extensive training for over 35 years. We can provide either on-site training at your facilities, or you can send some of your staff to our open training sessions that are Cheap Apple Accessories conducted periodically.

For further information, please contact us by e-mail at Booth Associates.