Booth Associates

Workshops Provided by Booth Associates

We have found that the fastest way for an organization to learn to solve their problems, improve their processes, and avoid constant crises is to provide proper training to some of their staff. This training includes the concepts, tools and skills that will give your staff the capability to gain true understanding of the processes with which they work. Booth Associates emphasizes the practical side of training, but always teaches the participants to be aware of the underlying assumptions of the methods they use. Then, and only then, can your staff make informed decisions as to the meaning of the information at hand.

The Workshop Format

Workshop training requires direct participation of attendees. Attending a workshop is not a passive experience. Each participant will be taught essential concepts and their accompanying tools. Then practical exercises will be provided where the concepts and tools can be used and interpreted. This format produces capable practitioners at the end of the workshop. They are ready to return to the workplace and apply their new-found knowledge and techniques.

  • In-house Workshops -- These workshops are held within an organization and all participants are selected by the sponsoring company. These workshops are most cost-effective when a company wants several of their staff to receive the same training. Another advantage is that the training can be aimed specifically toward the sponsoring company.
  • Open Workshops -- These workshops include participants from several different organizations. They are held at a central location where participants can come from several geographical areas to participate together and share the costs. If an organization requires training for only a few individuals, this is a cost-effective way to get the training.

Some workshops require either pre-work before the workshop or follow-up work afterward.

The training provided by Booth Associates falls into four basic categories:


  • Basic Troubleshooting Workshop -- The FACESM method is introduced, and a variety of tools are learned and practiced. The emphasis of this workshop is to find the problems that are iPhone 4 Cases Canada causing a process to be out-of-control. Participants learn how to use powerful tools to isolate the problem and end the urgent crisis situation.
  • Advanced Troubleshooting Workshop -- Participants are expected to have either completed the Basic Troubleshooting Workshop or to be able to demonstrate their readiness to effectively learn from this workshop. The emphasis here is powerful, long-lasting process improvement. Participants will learn to troubleshoot a process that is in Lolita Cosplay Costumes control but is not performing at an acceptable level. The result of troubleshooting of an in-control process is profitable, honest, long-lasting improvement of they process.


  • Champion Workshop
  • Greenbelt Workshop
  • Brownbelt Workshop

Six Sigma

  • Executive Workshop
  • Champion Workshop
  • Greenbelt Workshop
  • Blackbelt Workshop

Statistical Analysis and Design of Experiments

  • Basic Statistics Workshop
  • Advanced Statistics Workshop for Production Industries
  • Design of Experiments Workshop
  • Workshop on Process Improvement for Business and Service Industries