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Achievable Six Sigma-- Even for Smaller Organizations

Basics of Six Sigma

Although the term "Six Sigma" may not yet have established itself as a household word, it has become a topic of many discussions throughout the business community. A business leader today will have at least heard of the term and perhaps wondered what it is all about.

Although it may appear to be nothing more than just another program that will be forgotten in a few years--or perhaps even in only a few months--there is a difference. Six Sigma is based upon principles that have been used effectively for many years in organizations around the world. These principles are:

  • a focus on processes
  • data-based management and research
  • a focus on the bottom line.

These principles and their related tools have become the basis of today's Six Sigma. However, the most loudly touted successes of Six Sigma have been with very large corporations such as General Electric, Allied Signal, and Motorola.

Six Sigma for Smaller Organizations

Six Sigma, as practiced in large corporations, has produced substantial savings that have far exceeded the cost of the program's implementation. Yet, we have seen how difficult it is for small to medium-sized companies to dedicate sufficient resources to Six Sigma to make it work.

Booth Associates has worked with large, medium and small-sized companies. We have learned from them that while there are many similarities, there are several critical differences between a Naruto Cosplay Costumes large organization and small to medium ones. Of course, it would be possible to introduce the same Six Sigma program in even small and medium-sized companies. Unfortunately, the cost is often too high to do so.

Using our experience with both companies and with Six Sigma, we have developed an adaptation of the usual program. It is based solidly on the same three principles as any other true Six Sigma program. At Booth Associates, we call that program Smart SigmaSM. It is tailored to meet the needs and the resources of small to medium-sized companies.

Six Sigma for Larger Companies and Smart Sigma (SM) for Smaller Organizations

As Six Sigma Master Black Belts, we are able to help organizations, from small to large, as they implement Six Sigma. Not only do we have experience with Six Sigma projects, and with Six Sigma training, but we have over 35 years of applying and teaching the same principles and tools upon which Six Sigma is based.

Please contact us to see how we might work together. We can be reached by e-mail at Booth Associates.