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Troubleshooting Processes

When a problem arises in a company, those charged with finding a solution usually have no efficient, clearly-defined way of finding the source of the problem. Their company is thrown into chaos, and near-panic continues until the problem is finally found. Booth Associates has developed a solution for this situation. (Learn more.)

Process Improvement

There are many possible reasons why process improvement programs fail. At Booth Associates, we know what these reasons are and have found successful ways to avoid them. We understand how guide a company through successful and profitable improvement of their processes. (Learn more.)

Achievable Six Sigma

A business leader today will have at least heard of the term "Six Sigma" and perhaps wondered what it is all about.

Booth Associates has worked with large, medium and small-sized companies. We have learned from them that while there are many similarities, there are several critical differences between a large organization and small to medium ones. Using our experience with both companies and with Six Sigma, we at Booth Associates have developed an adaptation of Six Sigma that is tailored to meet the needs and the resources of small to medium-sized companies. (Learn more.)

Statistical Data Analysis

Data can be obtained from sample surveys, from automated equipment, from samples taken on the shop floor, from shipping boxes, from orders being processed, and from many other sources. What is important is that the correct data be obtained in the correct way in order to enable us to draw correct conclusions. Booth Associates can help you with any aspect of data acquisition, analysis and interpretation. (Learn more.)

Design of Experiments

There is, perhaps, no other single technique that is capable of discovering a greater amount of information more quickly and more inexpensively than Design of Experiments. It plays an important role in troubleshooting, in process improvement,Cosplay Costumes For Sale and in Six Sigma. The staff at Booth Associates have designed thousands of experiments during almost 40 years and can help you gain the benefits of these powerful techniques. (Learn more.)


Booth Associates offers one-on-one training as we work with your staff to solve their problems. Most of are partners have be quite proficient with some tools after we have worked with them on a iPhone 4S Cases problem. We also offer on-site training at your facilities for groups of your own employees. A third was of getting training is to attend one of our open workshops where people from several companies will meet together for training at a site selected by Booth Associates. (Learn more.)