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Design of Experiments (DOE): The Least Expensive Way to Learn about Your Processes

With Design of Experiments (DOE), the name of the game is speed in learning and learning the most for the lowest cost. Of course, there is also the other aspect: some things can only be learned by a designed experiment.

There is, perhaps, no other single technique that is capable of discovering a greater amount of information more quickly and more inexpensively. Design of Experiments plays an important role in troubleshooting, in process improvement, and in Six Sigma.

Manufacturing and Industrial Processes

For many years, beginning in the 1920s, Design of Experiments was the exclusive domain of scientific (specifically agricultural) studies. From there it moved into other areas of biology and soon into manufacturing and other industrial arenas. During World War II, DOE played a major role in national defense--again in the area of industry.

Business Processes

More recently, designed experiments have been effective in many areas that have become known collectively as "business processes." These processes have been long ignored as areas of savings, but are now known to contribute nearly half of the costs in most companies. Among the fruitful areas where DOE has produced dramatic savings are:

  • processing of orders and reports
  • reducing time through the system, therefore improving customer satisfaction as well as reducing costs.
  • accounts receivable and payable
  • market research
  • scheduling people and equipment
  • finding optimal solutions to problems within the office
  • optimization in healthcare
  • finding solutions to problems in paper flow through the organization

How Does Booth Associates Help?

The staff from Booth Associates can work with your staff to design experiments that yield optimal or near-optimal solutions to your problems. During this Pokemon Cosplay Costumes partnership, your staff will become knowledgeable and skilled in using some DOE techniques. If you would prefer a more formal training, that can be arranged either on-site at your facilities or in a iPhone 5 Cases Canada training center arranged by Booth Associates. For additional information, please contact us by E-mail at: Booth Associates.