Learning to Listen to Your Data

by Dr. Gordon D. Booth

The Long, But Unsuccessful History of Not Listening to Data

Any organization that chooses to base important decisions on hunches and desires rather than paying attention to the messages being taught by data will not be alone. People having been doing that for years. In history, there is no shortage of examples of how successful some people have been in ignoring the facts and plunging blindly ahead anyway.

Some of those who have applied the "hunch" form of decision making have enjoyed what seemed to be a temporary success, but history has almost always shown them the error of their ways.

What Does It Mean to Listen to Your Data?

Listening to data is nothing more than obtaining pertinent, valid data and basing our choices and decisions on what the data tells us. This statement might be a little over-simplified but it is true nonetheless. To accomplish this feat requires that we learn: